Welp, we screwed up.  Everything had been going along just fine as we started closing up walls and floors in the master bathroom, but then failure struck.  After a long weekend of installing sub-floor (an annoying and messy project), we were almost done.  The only area that still needed closed in was the little closet we flipped to face into the guest bedroom.  This should have been a breeze after all the other work we’d already done.

The only weird thing about adding in this flooring was that we would have to remove two old pipes.  One pipe was a sealed-off gas line and the other – a long unused drain pipe from a non-working sink on the third floor.  The gas line came out with no issues.  (Phew.  I have to be honest, I was a little nervous.)  Now we just had to grind through the old drain pipe and we’d be home free.

Except that didn’t happen.

What did happen was an uncontrollable sprinkler-like rain shower in the closet and a mini waterfall down the inside of the walls.  You know, the kitchen walls that we JUST finished.  The walls that have brand new drywall, paint and tile on them.  The walls that house all of our electrical work going to the second and third floors.  Yea, those walls…now wet from the inside.

Luckily I had just returned from the grocery store as Ian felt the first sprays hit his face.  I ran and grabbed a hundred SOLO cups left-over from our party, and the assembly line began.  Grab a cup, fill the cup, return the cup, grab a new cup, fill the cup, return the cup…until the wild pressurized spray became a slow trickle, then a constant drip, then (finally!) nothing.

And that’s where we are today.  We put a fan in the floor and towels around the source of the leak, but who knows if that will help.  We also won’t know the extent of the damage (if any, fingers crossed!) for a few days.   Ian seems to think our electrical work will be fine (as the resident pessimist, I have to disagree.)  And if water starts to soak through the walls in our kitchen, we’ll know why.  And we’ll cry for days.  Or, rather – I’ll cry for days.  Ian seems to handle these things better than I do.

In the meantime, we’ll just wait and see what happens.  And we’ll pray to the reno gods for forgiveness of our silly, yet significant (!) oversight.

I snapped a few pictures of our mini-disaster as it was slowing down, but they don’t really covey the incredible panic we felt as we watched our most recent project get drenched from the inside.